Thursday, 24 September 2009


I just wrote my gb wildlife column for October, on spiders. I love doing those columns, because I learn so much in the process. For example- did you know a spider's web with a radius of 3cm could stop a Boeing 747 in full flight?? Amazing stuff.
I have a new respect for the spider living above the towel rail now. He looks so pleased with his web, but I don't think it's occurred to him that there aren't many insects to catch indoors. At least, I hope there aren't!
Used a quote from the lovely people at Buglife. They sent me something a few hours after I emailed them, which was ever so kind. I personally think everyone should become a member.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


...appearing in this month's and next month's Bird Watching magazine- a feature on starlings, and a review of Simon King's autobiography... A little nervous about the latter!


Today went on a perfect autumn walk in Fowlmere. And by perfect, I mean the weather was summery (not a big fan of the other seasons). Inside the hides it was positively stuffy, and couldn't resist dangling my arms out into the sunshine...even at the risk of scaring birds!

Plenty to see, despite not having bins with us. Emperor Dragonflies and Common Darters, wonderfully weird Ear Fungus, tart elderberries and Brown Trout. The light catching in webs made me decide my October column should feature garden spiders. There is currently one living in my left wing mirror, which could well be one of Britain's best travelled arachnids....

Blackberries were already shrivelling on the branches-has this gotten earlier, or is it just me being nostalgic and old? Keep thinking I should attempt to make elderberry cordial, or perhaps sloe gin.