Monday, 1 June 2009

If you build it....they will come...

The garden had its shiny new pond for approx 3 weeks before the first frog sighting. "Frog" (you can tell I have a creative writing degree, no?) has settled into the tiny space, and in the last two days has been joined by a friend (Hereafter referred to as Friend of Frog). 

The sight of these two, throats bulging beneath the lillies, got me to wondering how they are able to find a fresh pond so quickly. Not only this, but how do the species which only live in water find their way? We seem to have quite a collection of diving beetles. Now we just need a snail or two to clean up the murky gungy stuff left in the wake of frog parties.

Anyway, all this action reminded me of the film "Field of Dreams", and the slogan "If you build it, they will come" which seems to apply not only to ghost base-ball players, but the British Common Frog as well.

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